Do I have to participate for the full 24-hours?  NO!  The event is 24 hours long; however, you do not need to run, ruck, or walk for the entire 24-hours.  Your level of participation is up to you.  We just ask that when you sign up for a specific run time, you show up at that time.  Also, feel free to run a lap, relax and hang out, and then run another lap.  Bottom line, you can run/walk/ruck as long as you want.  

Is the TACP Association Non-Profit?  Yes!  Non-Profit Type: 501c(19) Tax Exempt; Tax ID: 31-1808936 – Issued December 2001.  Click on the TACP Association link highlighted in this question for the TACP Association bylaws.  

What do I get for participating?  Each registered participant will receive a gift bag for participating in the run!  Also, you should expect a number of items to be raffled off from our sponsors. 

What if I sign up, but can't make the event?  Unfortunately, there will not be any refunds on registering.   We appreciate your donation and all proceeds will benefit the TACP Association.  

Is there a bag check?  There will be more information to follow as we finalize event plans.  Parking is also close to the event, so you can leave your personal items secured in your vehicle if need be.  

Is there a place to change?  We will not have any accommodations available for participants to change or other personal hygiene.  You will be expected to bring your own tent or other necessary items to meet your personal accommodations.  

What if the weather is bad?  The weather will not stop this event from taking place.  No rain, snow, ice, heat, or fog will stand in the way of paying tribute to our fallen brothers.  With that being said, pack appropriate clothing for the challenge.  

Do I have to run?  No.  You can walk a lap if you want!  You can also show your support by showing up to the event or participating as a vendor/sponsor.  Remember, you can always donate!  There will be plenty to do while you're at the event, including raffles, auctions, vendor booths, food, beer, live music, and more!

Can children participate?  Absolutely! Parents are more then welcome to bring their children to the event and run or walk with them. Participants under 18 are FREE!  Don't forget about the children event awards!

What is going on at the event?  Running isn't the only thing taking place.  You should expect a number of vendor booths at the event, food, coffee, LIVE music, overnight camping, beer tent, fire pits, and plenty of other things to keep you engaged.  If you want to run a lap and hangout for an hour and then run another lap, you can do that too!  Event though the running portion of the event ends on Sunday at 12pm, that's just when the party will start with live music by American Hitmen, awards, gift raffles, Mission43 Social, and much more!

Can I bring my dog?  YES! Dogs are more than welcome! And we'll even compile a total amount of dog miles walked during the event! 

Can I bring my trailer?  As of right now, we are trying to work out the details on that.  The problem is limited parking space and turn around areas.  Bringing your trailer, which might make sense to you, may not be very practical in the space available.  We highly encourage you to bring a camp site set-up (tents and personal sleeping gear).   

What is going on during the night?  You can expect bonfires and beer!  Support the night runners by hanging out at the start/finish line and support them as they run by!

Is the Idaho Air National Guard Recruiting going to be there?  YES!  So, if you are interested in joining the Idaho Air National Guard, or know someone who is, please bring them to the event to meet our recruiters!  This event would be a great opportunity for anyone interested in the IANG and how to become a Tactical Air Control Party member.  Meet real JTAC's and TACP's at this event!

What gear do I need to run at night? 

  1. Headlamp - this is mandatory for night runs! (don't forget fresh batteries!)
  2. Strobe light - optional
  3. Cold weather running layers (beanie, lightweight jacket, sweats, etc)
  4. Gloves
  5. Hyrdration system (camelback, water bottle, etc)

    Does it cost money to sign up?  Registration donation is $25. Military, law enforcement, college student, or veteran, registration donation is $15 and 18 and under are free.  Your registration will help Team Stone meet their goal of $124,000.