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Team Stone 24-Hour TACP Challenge

What is the 24-hr tacp challenge? 

Hosted by TACP units across the world, in support of the TACP Association, the 24-Hour TACP Challenge raises awareness through physical activity designed to challenge the body and mind. The event raises awareness and funding for members of the TACP community.  Moreover, the 24-Hour TACP Challenge is a competitive event in which teams and individuals compete to rack up the most miles within a 24-hour period.  

What is a TACP?  Few actions can change the course of battle like a properly executed air strike.  As members of the Air Force Special Operations, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), specialists embed with Army and Marine units on the frontline with the incredible responsibility of calling in air strikes on the right target at the right time.  These highly trained experts go through intense physical, mental, and technical training to withstand the demanding conditions of battle and provide their team with the firepower needed for continued success on the battlefield.

What does all that mean?  Essentially, TACP's are subject matter experts in radio communication systems who coordinate with Close Air Support (CAS) fixed-wing and rotary-wing air assets to shape the battlefield by calling in air strikes on enemy threats and targets.  In conjunction with the air assets, TACP's are qualified to employ call for fires with artillery and naval gunships to maximize firepower on the battlefield.  

Team Stone is one of many who compete to raise awareness and reach their fundraising goals each year. Team Stone is hosted by the 124 Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS), comprised of TACP Airman stationed at Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho.  

WHY is this a fundraiser?

The 24-Hour TACP Challenge was established to help the TACP Association raise funding and awareness to provide direct support to the TACP Community and their families.  

"To remember our fallen, to honor the living, and to aid brothers in need.  We will promote the brotherhood and camaraderie amongst the TACP community by sponsoring, coordinating, and assembling members to celebrate as fellow warriors, and we will serve as an informational conduit to the community." - TACP Association

The TACP Association makes every attempt to assist personnel and their families when support is needed most. Your contribution alleviates a portion of the expenses incurred during times of loss, growth, and celebration.  Every situation is different, therefore there are no maximum amounts for each donation category.  The below list is a recommendation and should be used as a suggestion only:

  • TACP Personnel Killed in Action: $5,000

  • TACP Personnel Wounded in Action: $2,000

  • TACP Personnel Killed in Training: $2,500

  • TACP Personnel Wounded in Training: $1,000

  • Family Member Health Condition: $1,000

  • Retired/Former TACP Death: $ 500

  • AF Level TACP Annual Awards: $150 / per award

  • TACP Schoolhouse Commandant’s Award: $150 / per award

In addition, the following benefits are provided by the TACP Association, typically on an annual basis:   

  • Scholarships

  • Reunions

  • Memorials

  • Gold Star Kids Camp

  • Gold Star First Car Program

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Support Services

WHO can participate?

Anyone who is willing and able to participate is encouraged to attend.  Participants can run, ruck (backpack), walk, or crawl during the event.  While this is a 24-hour challenge, attendees are NOT required to participate for the full 24-hours. Run, walk, or ruck for as long and as far as you want!  Simply by showing up, you are showing your support for Team Stone, the 124 ASOS, and the TACP Association.  Your presence is greatly appreciated and welcomed.  

The event is not a race; it is a challenge!  While the intent is to raise awareness, educate, and fundraise; tantamount to that goal is the opportunity to come together as a community and push ourselves individually and as a group.  The course, located in the Boise foothills, is designed to provide each with a healthy dose of difficulty and enjoyment.  

How can I participate? Participate as an individual, part of a team (no more than 10 participants per team), or in a ruck.  If you choose to compete, please select the event you want to compete for on our registration page.  

AWARDS!  It pays to be a winner!  Winners will be presented with a gift at the end of the event.  It is highly encouraged for all event participants to stay (or come back) for the award ceremony at the end of the event.  Following the award ceremony, you can relax at the Team Stone social hosted by Mission43 and enjoy the LIVE performance by AMERICAN HITMEN.  

Individual Male / Female - Longest Run Distance*

Individual Male / Female - Longest Ruck Distance*

Team - Longest Run Distance

Team - Longest Ruck Distance

Under 18 -  Longest Run Distance

Under 18 - Longest Ruck Distance

*Minimum ruck weight is 25 pounds for anyone over 18.  If you are under 18, your minimum ruck weight is 10 pounds.  


Major Greggory Stone was assigned to the 124 ASOS at Gowen Field in Boise, ID.  In March 2003, Major Stone was killed in action in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Hence the team name, "Team Stone".  We run in honor of his name and legacy.   

If you register for this specific event, your contributions and/or donations will be on behalf of Team Stone.  At the end of the event, Team Stone will calculate total miles and money raised during the event for submission to the TACP Association.  Keep in mind that there are TACP units all over the globe participating in their own event and they all have their own team name and focus. 

Our goal is to be the conduit between our local communities, businesses, and military organizations.  Community outreach and partnerships is what makes our local area a great place live and work.  Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to meet TACP's and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC's) at the event.  Interested in joining the Idaho Air National Guard and want to learn more about becoming a TACP?  We will have our recruiters at the event! 

  When is the 2019 event?

Did you miss this years event?  That's ok! You can sign up for our newsletter, join us on Facebook, or add us on Instagram to stay updated for our 2019 TACP Memorial Challenge!  

After you register for the event, you'll begin to receive updates about the event.  The run isn't the only thing taking place during the 24-Hour TACP Challenge!  Check out our schedule page to learn more about what else is taking place!  You can expect a variety of vendors being at the event.  

As of right now, we do not have a weekend picked for our 2019 24-TACP Memorial Challenge.  We anticipate it will be around the same time as last year.  So, expect a mid to late April 2019 date.  To stay up to date with our future event, please sign up for our newsletter!


We are not accepting donations for the 2019 event just yet! This will come out probably February timeframe. The TACP Association dictates when we can start raising money. You can also like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to stay connected!  

Team Stone's fundraising goal is $124,000.  

Amount raised in 2018:  $24,256. 

With your support and participation, we will reach our goal!  Whether you participate in the event yourself or simply want to support the TACP Community by showing up and cheering others on, your contribution matters at every level.  

WHERE is the event?

We don’t know!! Unfortunately, we will not be using the same venue as last year. We are looking for alternate locations to hold this event. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please email us! We’d love to hear your recommendations!